Paraffin dip: hands $20 feet $20

Melted warm wax is helpful in relieving arthritis pain and joint stiffness. This wax opens pores and completely covers the skin. Once removed it is carried away with dead skin cells leaving your hands feeling brand new. Essential oils can be added for an even more therapeutic experience.

30 minute chair massage: $30

Fully clothed massage meant to rejuvenate, awaken, and calm aching muscles on the body's back side.

90 minute swedish massage: $70

60 minute swedish massage: $50

30 minute swedish massage: $30

Basic lighter touch massage encompassing swedish techniques all over the body.Focusing on relieving stress and built up tension in the muscles.

90 minute aromatherapy massage: $70

60 minute aromatherapy massage: $60

30 minute aromatherapy massage: $40

Massage that incorporates essential oils in order to help with stress, headaches, and or sooth sore muscles.

90 minute deep tissue massage: $75

60 minute deep tissue massage: $65

30 minute deep tissue massage: $45

Deep style of massage focusing on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia. The purpose of deep tissue is to relieve knots in the muscle fibers and realign dense layers of connective tissue.

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